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Google+ for your Business – The Basics

Google+ Business pages were rolled out 18 months ago and the impact was immediate and effective. Google+ has 500 million registered members and can now make the claim as the second largest social media network.  We recently came across a great article about the basics of setting up and using a Google+ business page and wanted to share some of the high points.  You can view the full article at

Setup Basics

Here are the steps to setup your Google+ Business page:
  1. Create a personal Google account on (free).  Go to and click on the button at the top right that says “Create a Google+ Page”
  2. Select the appropriate category for your business under the 5 main categories
  3. Add your basic information about your business (Name, Telephone, email, address, website, etc.)
  4. Customize your public profile.  Tell your story revolving around the top 10 words that describe your business.  This will be the description of your company that will show for your profile.  Add other business contact details, a great profile picture, and a stunning “Cover Photo” that grabs people’s attention.
  5. Once you are ready, share content that is meaningful to your clientele.  You do this by clicking on the “Posts” tab at the top of your page.  

Tips for your Content

Posting on Google+ is very similar to posting on Facebook.  Use content that offers value, and engages your audience. Remember not to over sell.  Use photos and videos when appropriate, reach out to “Google+” communities to share content and invite others to join your circles. Use hashtags (very similar to Twitter) to make your posts discoverable.

Setting up Google+ for your Business can lead to great Search Engine Optimization Results

Google is most certainly factoring in social signals from its own social platform.  By posting regularly, adding the Google +1 button to your website (allowing folks to share content from your website directly to Google+), and generating great content, your business will see improved results in your Google rankings.

We suggest taking a few minutes to read the full HubSpot article if you are new to Google+. There is much more information that can’t be shared in this limited space. Ignoring Google+ is done at your own peril!

As always, if you have questions about Google+ for your business or any other social media questions, please give MSW Interactive Designs a call!

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