Facebook for Business Revisited

We have talked about your Business Facebook page in past articles and thought it was a good time to share some new ideas on how to maximize this important social media channel.  Facebook continues to be the most used social media channel and has recently come out with some new features to help you make your business page really stand out.

Use a Cover Photo that Pops
The cover photo on your business Facebook page spans the most “real estate” at the top.  Make sure you are taking advantage of this attention grabbing area.  Calls to action, contact information, promotions, and eye catching visuals are all good strategies to use with your photo. Facebook recently changed their rules to allow these things in your cover image, as long as the image isn’t more than 20% text.  Make sure you follow Facebook rules, but have some fun with your cover image.

Consider Using Facebook Apps
Facebook has some really cool applications that you can use on your business page.  Some of my favorites are:

  • Newsletter Apps: Newsletter applications allow you to embed a newsletter signup right into your Facebook page.  This is a great way to capture information from your fans and utilize a newsletter as another way to market your business. 

  • RSS Feed Apps:  If you are a Blogger, this is a great way to bring your Blog to your fans on Facebook and make it available through a custom tab. 

  • Testimonial Apps:  These applications allows your fans to leave testimonials about your business.  If your fan has a YouTube account, they can even leave a video testimonial. 
  • Contest Apps:  There are several applications available to allow you to run contests and sweepstakes to help build fans and promote your products or services.  Make sure you follow Facebook rules for these…if you break them, Facebook can shut down your page. When used properly, Contest Apps can be a powerful way to engage and grow your fan base.

The number of Apps available for Facebook is huge and is growing every day.  Consider using voting apps, game apps, countdown apps, photo apps, community apps, and more to engage your fans.  The more interesting your business page is, the more fans and interaction you will create.

Do these apps cost anything?
It depends on the application you select.  The best thing to do is to search Google for apps that are already developed and available.  Some are free…others cost a small amount to install on your Business Facebook page.  If you are interested in improving your Business Facebook page, contact us. We can help customize your a business Facebook page and really showcase what you are all about.

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