Do You Really Need a Mobile Website?

Go Mobile to Go Big!
Did you know that the average iPhone user only spends 45% of their time using their device to make phone calls?  Did you also know that 1 in 5 internet users in the United States ONLY use their mobile device and not a computer?  Predictors of Mobile trends say that by 2015, mobile internet users will overtake desktop users.

Get your mobile site going now!
Mobile websites are a great way to portray your service or product on a smartphone, smart tablet, or other mobile device.  Mobile sites are slimmed down versions of your desktop website and allow viewers to quickly get the information they are looking for.  Examples of content for your mobile site might  include your services, relevant images, video, products, inventory, contact information, and directions to your brick and mortar storefront.  Consumers are quickly becoming comfortable with buying online via mobile websites and mobile market share is growing at a phenomenal rate.

A personal story:
A year ago, I was in the market for a truck that would pull our travel trailer.  I had specific performance requirements and wanted to buy a vehicle made in the US.  Sandy and I were traveling to see family in St Louis, and as we made our way up Hwy 54 and Interstate 70, I was searching for car dealers who had mobile sites.  I would search their car inventory and if a vehicle looked like a good fit, we would pull off the highway and look at it.  I found a truck at a dealership in Wentzville, we stopped and looked, and I bought the truck.  The dealers who had no mobile site had no chance at my business!

How to get a mobile website
There are various options to get a mobile website up for your business, and costs can vary widely. We suggest that you work with an expert to get a branded mobile website that best meets your needs and those of your customers.  We recently put together some great mobile website packages and it’s more affordable to go mobile that you might think! 

As always, give us a call if we can answer any of your questions on mobile websites. Our goal is to help business owners establish a complete web presence … and today mobile is a must!

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