Building an Effective Web Presence - Step #2 – Define Specific Goals for Your Web Presence

Building an Effective Web Presence

Step #2 – Define Specific Goals for Your Web Presence

Previously, we identified step 1 in the process of building an effective web presence: Define your ideal client. Step 2 is equally important: take the time to identify very specific goals for your web presence. The goal of “getting more business” isn’t specific enough.

Having concrete goals enables you to take very specific actions to achieve those goals. Some possible goals for your web presence may include the following:

Goal: Get Found Online (seems obvious, right?)

Actions to Achieve: Work on optimizing your website for the best possible placement in Google. This takes time and ongoing effort, so be consistent and patient. While you are working on that, run Google AdWords, Facebook ads, online ads with the Chamber of Commerce, or ads on other websites where your “ideal” clients hang out. The idea is to use every avenue (online and offline) that you can to get your website in front of your ideal clients. As an added benefit, your online advertising efforts outside of Google can actually improve your Google rankings.

Goal: Capture Information From Site Visitors That Can Be Acted On (most overlooked goal)

Actions to Achieve: Include an online form for your visitors to fill out. This can be as simple as a newsletter sign-up (using a third party service like or, or as complex as a free quote request form for your service. If you are on Facebook, don’t forget to include a “Like” button on your website (recently replaced the “Become a Fan” button), so you can capture prospective clients in social media. Don’t forget to include a clear call to action for your site visitors. Tell them what you want them to do (fill out the form) and why they should do it (what’s in it for them?).

Goal: Build Credibility and Establish Trust (most effective over time)

Actions to Achieve: Social Media has made building online trust and credibility MUCH easier than it used to be. If you are not taking advantage of Facebook for business, you are missing a huge opportunity. As you build fans to your Facebook business page, you have the opportunity to connect and engage existing clients and prospective clients on a regular basis. I will include more about Facebook in future articles, but what you need to know here is that every time a “fan” logs in to Facebook, they will see your business posts. Take note, building trust and credibility does not come from constantly pitching your services on Facebook. It comes from starting a conversation with your fans, asking them questions, and providing resources and information of value to them. It doesn’t happen overnight … it requires a consistent and sincere effort. As an added benefit, your business social media efforts will improve your Google rankings over time.

As you start defining goals for your own business web presence, consider adding a way to measure them. This allows you to really focus on what improvements need to be made to accomplish them. For example:

Get found online … on page one of Google.

Use Google Analytics and monitor your progress. Using analytics allows you to make informed decisions about changes that might be needed on your website.

Capture information … get 10 free quote requests per month from your website.

If you have 500 unique visitors to your site each month and you are not getting 10 quote requests, improve your call to action or give them an incentive to take action.

Establish credibility … write 3 informative and valuable business Facebook posts per week.

How do you know if they are informative and valuable? Your fans will respond and interact with your posts. Try to improve your posts each so your fans are motivated to engage.

Goals for your web presence are just like goals in your life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know exactly where you have to concentrate your efforts, and what changes you may need to make along the way.

Sandy Waggett, Owner

MSW Interactive Designs LLC ~ We put the web to work for you!



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