Quick & Easy Blog Recommendations

Blogs are effective and powerful tools for increasing not only your sales, but your search engine rankings, as well!

An October 2008 study from BuzzLogic and JupiterResearch shows that 27% of Internet users read blogs, and one in five are influenced by them when considering a purchase. That's almost 1/3 of all Internet users who read blogs, and 20% of those readers are influenced by what they read. Imagine the number of prospective clients for your business who make up this group. It's astounding!

Given this information, it's important to put some thought into your posts ... and not just the content. Consider your blog title and blog tags, too!

Quick & Easy Blog Recommendations

Blog Title: Your blog title should not just be compelling, but it should also contain the primary keyword phrase that you want to see the blog post indexed for. Put some thought into writing a great keyword rich title. It's the headline for your readers to capture their interest, and it's spider bait for the search engines.

Blog Content: When writing your content, make sure it supports your title or you will quickly lose credibility. Embed keyword phrases in the copy and link them back to appropriate and relevant pages or products on your website. Close each blog post with an invitation for comment. Invite your readers to contribute to the discussion and you'll begin to build a loyal following.

Blog Tags & Labels: Don't forget to include labels or tags for each blog post. These tags should be keywords and keyword phrases related to that specific post. Tags help your blog visitors easily find posts of interest and they can also help improve the search engine rankings of your posts.

Blog Promotion: Promote your blog everywhere you can! Provide a link to it from your email signature line. Link to it from your website. Embed it in your website as a Widget! See http://www.WidgetBox.com for a great easy-to-use tool.

We'll have much more on blogs in coming posts, including sites and resources to promote them!

Do you have a blog? Share it with us!

Do you have great tips for marketing and promoting blogs? Please tell us about them!


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