Increase Your Conversions

Increase your conversions!

When a visitor arrives at your home page, what does he do? If you don't know the answer, chances are you have a very low conversion rate. Did you know that Internet usability studies indicate a single visitor clicks an average of 2 times on a website and spends less than one minute? This means you don't have much time.

Ask yourself ... what do you REALLY want someone to do when they get to your website? Do you want them to look at a portfolio? Fill out a request form? Go to your FAQs? Buy something? Request a quote?

Right up front, plain and simple, guide your site visitor to that objective. One way to accomplish this is simply to ask them to do it. Amazingly, most websites never even ask - they just leave it to chance. Increasing your conversation rate can be as simple as that. Make it clear what your visitor should do next and they are far more likely to do it.

Tip by: Sandy Waggett

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