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The Impact Reviews Have On A Business

Reviews are important for a business but they may have more of an impact on your online presence than you realize. As an internet marketing company in mid-Missouri, we know the importance of online reviews and how they can impact businesses. If you've been wondering why reviews are so vital to your business, let MSW Interactive Designs help answer that very question!

Reviews are a factor in search result rankings. Online star ratings of a business is a factor in search engine rankings. This means that the more reviews and the better reviews you have, the better chance you have at ranking higher in online searches. There are hundreds of factors that go into online rankings but having the knowledge that reviews are a heavily weighted factor can help you influence your business's SEO!

Establish credibility for your brand. Consumers trust peer feedback over many other factors about a business. Your online reputation can help showcase your business as a trusted company for potential …

Reasons to NOT ‘Set It And Forget It’ with Your Website

You take financial and time resources to have a website designed for your business. Once your site goes live, you may not think about it again for a while. Your website is a direct reflection upon your business and there’s some behind the scenes things to think about, as well. Our experienced website design company in mid-Missouri is here to help showcase why leaving your website stagnant for a period of time isn’t always the best idea for your overall web presence!
Google Likes Fresh Content Google crawls websites looking for new and updated content. A website that has updates can help show that it is a more relevant search since it is fresh information, therefore it may tend to rank higher than a comparable website with no updates. Help your website appear to be a better search result when you make regular content updates.

Ensure Information Accurate No matter what line of business you’re in, things change over time. It may be a new product or service, it may be a change in staff, i…