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Demystifying The Facebook Algorithm

The algorithm for Facebook's ever-changing News Feed is arguably one of the most mysterious (and sometimes frustrating) challenges internet marketers are up against. Apart from the occasional searches users conduct to visit specific pages, the all-powerful News Feed dictates exactly what users see on a daily basis. In order for your business page to help you build customer relationships and generate revenue, your posts have to make it into your followers' feeds so that they can see and interact with your content. 

This week, our social media marketing company is here to examine some of the factors leveraged in Facebook's algorithm and how you can use them to your advantage.

Why We Need The Algorithm

Facebook's algorithm is one of the most heavily guarded secrets of the World Wide Web. The simple fact of the matter is that there isn't room in your feed to show every post published by all of your friends and every business page you follow, so Facebook uses a sophisticat…

GET TO KNOW US - Meet Laurel Leurquin

It's time to get to know your internet marketing team a little bit better!

Customer relationships are a two-way street - just as we try to get to know our clients, we make it easy for our clients to get to know us. We are currently in the middle of an ongoing blog series designed to help you better get to know our team of internet marketing professionals at the Lake of the Ozarks. So far we have introduced you to owners Mike and Sandy Waggett and team members Keith Lucas, Erin Burdette, Bailey Puppel, and Deanna Powell. This week, we're continuing the series by introducing you to one of our Social Media Coordinators and resident Graphic Designer, Laurel Leurquin.

Q:  What brought you to the Lake of the Ozarks?
A:  While I grew up only 45 minutes from the Lake of the Ozarks and was familiar with the area, getting married to my husband, Nathan, was what got me settled here. We both work locally (he works with Thomas Construction in Osage Beach), and look forward to staying around a…

5 Common Misconceptions About Website Design

Your website is the online face of your company, and it's often the first impression someone has of your company. It serves many invaluable roles, including:
Providing information about your products and servicesTelling the history of your companyGiving consumers an inside look at what makes your company and your team uniqueOffering important details about your hours, location, and contact informationProviding strong calls to action to guide your site visitors to what you are looking for them to do

It goes without saying that part of owning a business is having and maintaining an excellent company website. Despite their prevalence and universally acknowledged importance, however, many people still do not have an accurate understanding of the important roles they fill. This week, our custom-design website company will clear up a few common misconceptions about website design.

Misconception #1: 
Pictures Are More Important Than Text.

It's true that in today's visual world, pictur…

5 Internet Marketing Basics Every Business Owner Should Know

As the owner of your own business, ensuring your company's success is one of your top priorities. Your business is your livelihood - when it thrives, you thrive (and when it doesn't ... well, you get the picture).

In today's fast-paced digital, mobile world, almost all modern consumers begin their search for products and services online. Consequently, developing and maintaining a strong online presence for your business is a key component of its success. Today, our internet marketing company is here to share with you some basic - but crucial - information about marketing your business online.

1. You Need A Stellar Website.

If you want your business to succeed in today's world, having a website is no longer optional. Your website is the online face of your company - people expect to be able to access your site 24/7 so they can learn about your products/services, company history, location, hours of operation, and contact information. In many cases, visiting your website wil…