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Get Mobile For 2017

The world is going mobile. Is your business keeping up?

Much of today's workforce (and consumer base) spends less time at traditional desks and more time working from home, working while traveling by cars and airplanes, and possibly even working a few hours while taking family vacations or simple trips to the park. Just as they are able to keep up with their jobs from these varied locations, they expect to be able to surf the web and browse social media in their spare moments. Will they find your business while they're there?

Mobile Stats

Before we delve into the how you can build a mobile presence for your business, we want to illustrate exactly how important this presence is. Consider the following statistics from SmartInsights:
80% of internet searches are performed from a smartphone.97% of Millennials use mobile devices.20% of Millennials don't use desktop devices at all.48% of consumers begin their mobile research in a search engine.ExpressPigeon also found that over half…

5 Factors That Can Influence Your Website Rankings

Google uses approximately 200 different factors to determine where a website should rank. A discussion of all 200 factors would be incredibly long and complex, so our website design company in central Missouri is taking a closer look at five specific factors that can influence search engine rankings. Keep reading to learn more about these five factors and how we can help you optimize your site to rank well organically according to these factors.

1. Content
In the past, Google relied heavily on keywords to determine where a site should rank. However, people began abusing this by "stuffing" random keywords into their website to get it to rank for practically any search term - including ones that weren't necessarily relevant to their industry. In response, Google changed their ranking strategy to be strongly influenced by the content on the pages of the website. This is why it is so important to have strong copy (interspersed with key search terms) on the pages of your websit…

GET TO KNOW US - Meet Keith Lucas

It's time to get to know your internet marketing team a little bit better!

MSW Interactive Designs is in the middle of a blog series designed to help you, our valued client, get to know our team of internet marketing professionals a little bit better. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with every one of our clients, and we believe that being transparent with each other and our clients is a big part of maintaining those relationships. This week, we are excited to continue our series by introducing one of our Web Designers and WordPress Expert, Mr. Keith Lucas.

Q:  What brought you to the Lake of the Ozarks?
A:  My wife, Erin, graduated high school here and her parents still live here. We would come to visit frequently and each time it got harder to go back to Wentzville. We decided after our first child that we wanted our kids to be Camdenton Lakers, so Erin applied for a transfer with Walgreens to the Lake.

Q:  How did you get started in the internet marketing field?

6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Whether your company is brand new or well-established, maintaining a successful social media marketing campaign is an essential way to reach today's customer base. As with most things, there are certain strategies that lend themselves to developing a strong social media presence - and certain pitfalls that should be avoided. This week, our internet marketing professionals at the Lake of the Ozarksare here to explore some mistakes that can lead to unsuccessful social media campaigns. Don't fall victim to these common errors!

1. Focusing Exclusively On Selling Your Products And Services
Do you know someone who only talks about himself? At a certain point (and it usually doesn't take very long), listening to him drone on and on about his own personal accomplishments will become less than interesting to say the least. The same logic applies to companies on social media. Rather than constantly publishing "salesy" posts, mix up your message by including tips, advice, beh…