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What's New for Social Media in 2015?

What Can You Expect For 2015?
There’s no doubt about it: establishing a solid social media presence is a crucial step for a successful business. According to Hubspot (inbound marketing software company), Twitter currently reports 284 million users and Facebook boasts 1.32 billion. Social media for business grew at an explosive rate during 2014, and the growth is expected to continue throughout the coming year. Here is a quick look at some of the social media trends we can expect to see in 2015.

Have Great Visual Content – It Will Help With Interactivity!
In today’s extremely visual world, having visually engaging social media content is absolutely critical. Visual content continues to lead in interactivity with posts, and videos have seen a significant increase in popularity as well. Businesses who are incorporating videos into their marketing campaigns via social networks such as YouTube, Vine, and Instagram are seeing major increases in consumer interaction. Informal videos give bu…

10 Key Elements Needed for a Quality Website

Having a great web presence is no longer optional!  If you want to see your business grow, you need to be able to be found online. With all the websites out there, many of them your competitors, it's important that you have a quality website with great content. Not only will your customers be judging you based off your online presence, but search engines will as well. Quicksprout explains 10 key elements you need to create a high quality website:

1. Relevant Content
Out with the keywords and in with the content. Google is now moving towards analyzing content and topics as a whole, rather than just looking at keywords. According to SearchMetrics, Google's algorithm recognizes high quality, relevant content and rewards it with higher rankings. Therefore, you should focus on developing content for users, no search engines.

2. Content Length
Top ranking sites have 900+ words of content per page, so focus on developing longer content. From an SEO perspective, blog posts should be b…