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Is Your Business on Google+?

Social Media has become a crucial part of marketing strategy for many businesses.  Many businesses are on Facebook and even Twitter, but should you be doing more?  Of course you should!  Google+ has worked its into the top 5 social networking sites.  If you're looking for more website traffic and to build your brand's awareness, Google+ is the place to be! 

What is Google+?  
Most people know what Facebook is by now and many of you know that Twitter only lets you post 140 characters at a time...but what exactly is Google+? Although its kind of like all these other platforms wrapped into one, Google+ is a completely different experience.  When it comes to businesses, Google+ allows you to create pages and develop tighter relationships with your prospects and customers. Individual users can add your brand to one of their circles, share your business page with their network and interact with the content you've posted.

Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Google+ 
1. Search E…

5 Top Social Media Marketing Questions Answered

Most people know the importance of having a website in today's day and age. However, many of you haven't come to realize the importance of social media and how it can help your business. Not only will social media marketing help you build relationships with your customers, but it will also help that awesome website you have rank better!  Here are few social media marketing questions that we get asked on a regular basis:

1. Why should I do social media marketing for my business?
As the technology world has grown and changed, Social Media is now critical for businesses.  Not only is it another way to be found, but you can engage your prospective customers.  By interacting with your customers through Social Media, you build relationships.  In addition to engagement, Social Media has a large impact on your search engine rankings.  The more social signals you have pointing back to your website, the more Google is going to see it as a website with relevant content.

2. What social m…

6 LinkedIn Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Social media marketing is one of our specialties here at MSW Interactive Designs. When we say social media, people immediately think of Facebook and maybe even Twitter. However, LinkedIn is also another powerful social marketing tool for your business.  Below are some tips for using LinkedIn to grow your business.

1. Complete your profiles. 
Take the time to fill out not only your company profile, but also your personal one completely.  This builds credibility for both you and your business.  MSW Interactive Designs offers social media set-up and customization as a service if you need help in this area.

2. Use compelling images.
Your cover photo is the first thing visitors to your page see.  You want this photo to represent your brand well.  You also want to have a great profile photo such as your logo or something else that helps brand you. Great photos will help you establish your credibility.

3. Add relevant keywords.
Just like with the copy on your website, you want to have relev…