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Does your Facebook page look a little different lately?

Just when you probably got used to the way your business Facebook page looked, the king of the social media world decided to change things.  The roll out of the new look started earlier this year, but most business pages saw the new design appear in June.  Here are some of the changes that Facebook made according to : 1. Bigger photos! One of the biggest changes is a wider, single-column view for posts.  Photos are now wider with a new 504 pixel width.  The column feed is ¼ larger than previous photos.  Photos can now be 504 pixels by 504 pixels, so take advantage of this feature! 2. Tab App locations Your first desired app only shows up at the main tab bar Your other apps will show in the “More” dropdown option You can still see all of your apps lower in the left column 3. Activity Tab has a lot of info This is a one stop place to go to see all of your notifications.  You can view, respond to and manage messages to your Page…we love th

4 Reasons NOT to Use Automated Posting Tools

Today's business world can be extremely busy.  For many business owners, automated posts may seem like a great way to get your information out to your customers on social meda.  It would save you time and that's one less thing to have on your plate each day. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this seemingly efficient marketing solution. MSW Interactive Designs has put together this list of 4 important reasons why you should post your own content instead of using a platform such as Hootsuite to auto post. 1. Your rankings and reach will be lower.  Social media networks such as Facebook can tell when a real person is posting or if an app or other third party tool is doing the posting for you and will penalize you.  Through research, concludes, "Using scheduling services such as Hootsuite, Viral Heat, or Sprout Social to schedule your Facebook posts will gain you only one thing: an even lower reach."  Facebook gives these automated posts

4 Sources for Finding What's Trending

Finding relevant content that your audience will want to read can be challenging for any marketer.  How do you know what people are interested at this point in time?  How do you get them to read your blogs or engage with your posts? One way is by finding what's trending.  Those of you that use Twitter for your business have probably seen the little box on the lefthand side of your Twitter home page that shows current Trends. These are topics that Twitter users are currently interested in and they change all the time. In addition to Twitter, there are other ways to find trending topics that you can use in your online marketing campaigns .  Check out a few of our favorites below: 1. Buzzfeed   BuzzFeed has the hottest, most social content on the web. They're redefining online advertising with their social, content-driven publishing technology. BuzzFeed provides the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment and video across the social web.  They featur