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The Business Who Wins Is The One That's Top of Mind

CONSUMERS ARE BUYING But are they finding YOU and CHOOSING you over your competitors?
Let's face it, in today's world, consumers are in control. Sales people are not. They have searched on Google, gone to Facebook and Instagram, checked multiple review sites, and asked for validation on their choice from their friends. This is BEFORE they ever call a company.

If you've worked consistently on your search and social reach, they probably found you in the mix. The question is, are they choosing you in the slew of other worthy choices?

Make no mistake, your social media presence sends a message. The question is, what KIND of message?
Don't have a social media presence? 
That's a very loud and clear message.
The consumer thinks: What?? How can you not be on social media? That's where everyone is - that's where I am. Probably not a good company - they're probably afraid of what people will say about them.

Have a Facebook page, but don't do much with it? 
Yep, th…