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What Is Your Social Media Crisis Plan?

If you don’t have one, it’s time to create one. Time (and message consistency) is of the essence when a social media crisis hits. That’s not the time to try to figure out what to do. You should have a documented plan already in place, with specific policies for your employees, as well as outlined steps and a checklist for managing the challenge across all channels.

Some things to consider when writing your crisis plan and  developing your policies:
DO NOT CENSOR Do not censor criticism or negative comments on your social media channels, unless they violate your terms or contain foul language that might offend your community. Removing criticism and complaints can quickly lead to more harsh comments spiraling out of control.

ACKNOWLEDGE & TRY TO TAKE IT OFFLINE Try to understand what the negative commenter wants. It’s important to respond quickly and publicly, acknowledge the concern, and then take the conversation offline as quickly as possible.


7 Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

20 years ago, simply having a website meant that you were way ahead of the game. Fast forward to 2018, almost every business has a basic website and users have become incredibly discriminating. Now it’s not only essential that you have a website but you need to make sure it’s a GREAT website so you stand out in the crowd (and in Google). 

Here are a few indicators to determine if it's time to modernize your site!

1. It’s Not Mobile FriendlyYour market IS mobile. Studies show that more than 25% of internet users in the US only access the internet on a mobile device (and that number is set to increase exponentially).  This means it’s essential to make sure your website functions well across all mobile devices. 

Use Google's FREE mobile friendly tester to see how your site rates. If it's not mobile friendly, make this your #1 priority.

2. Your Visitors Aren’t Staying On the SiteA web analytics program can reveal your site's strengths and weaknesses. You may have a high bounce…