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Thanksgiving Gifts for You and Your Business

An MSW Thanksgiving Thank You
2017 has been a year of reflection and redefining direction. As the owner of MSW Interactive, and frankly just as a human being seeking to be better, I've been doing more reading, listening to mentoring sessions, and have also had the fortune to become part of an incredible peer advisory group that challenges my thinking and ideas to help me better serve my clients and lead my team.

One of the AHA moments this year (after almost 20 years in business) was being asked to articulate my "Why". If you've never done it, I encourage you to try it. It's much harder than you might think. We all know WHAT we do and HOW we do it, but very few can articulate WHY they do it. I'll share our why at the end of this blog, but it ultimately came down to my simple and  deep desire to impact small businesses in a meaningful way.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's a very sincere holiday. It's a time to offer genuine thanks for all …

Looking to Sell Online?

Think You Might Be Ready to Sell Online?

Many business owners don't realize that 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer to shop online. This means that if you have products or services for sale, offering the ability for your customers to make that purchase online may be an important addition for your business.

If adding an eCommerce component to your online presence is a goal for 2018, let's talk! MSW Interactive Designs is a proud Shopify partner. We selected this platform for our client stores because of it's robust capabilities, low entry costs, and it's ability to integrate with social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest.

Most successful businesses offer the ability to purchase both online AND offline. This is called omni-channel selling.

A study by Square and Mercury Analytics revealed the following about businesses that have a presence across multiple channels:

56% have a physical store21% have a pop-up store, or pop-up at events34% sell through their ow…

Humanize Your Business with Emojis!

Scroll through the first 10 posts in your social media feed.
How many emojis do you see?

Scan your recent text messages.

How many emojis do you see?

This little exercise really reveals how prevalent emoji use has become!

Emojis have quickly entered their way into the world of business marketing. They've become a norm, not only in personal communication, but also business communication. In fact, emoji use in marketing messages has become extremely prevalent for many major brands, including Disney, Pepsi, Dominos, Taco Bell, and Coke.

The power in emojis is their ability to humanize your message and better connect with your prospects. Emojis enable you to communicate feeling and emotion (visually) in an otherwise sterile written message. This can be extremely powerful when used properly. This is because people tend to ACT when they are made to actually feel a certain way. In other words, they act on emotion rather than words.

Here, we offer some tips to help you use emoj…