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How Google Nearly Destroyed My 12-Year Old Business

"You haven't failed until you blame someone else."
That's always been one of my favorite quotes and something I try to live by. So, I better rephrase the title of this article. It should be: "How I Nearly Destroyed My 12-Year Old Business ... By Making It Dependent on Google."
MSW Interactive Designs is now a 17-year old business. I have waited five years to write about this one so that I would have a success story to share. And trust me, this isn't an easy thing to admit, let alone write about and share with the world.
Rewind to very early in 2011. MSW Interactive was a 12-year old successful small web design and hosting company, with a nice secondary niche in the wedding marketing featuring wedding portals in 26 cities across the USA and an online retail store called Our wedding portals dominated page one of Google, and our retail site consistently ranked in the top three listings of page one nationally for terms li…

Top of Search: A Peek at Google's Algorithm

Tips, Tricks & Lessons Learned for Google Success Search engine optimization involves more than just your website. Your entire online presence can have an affect on where Google ranks your website. Good social media and blogging can also drive traffic to your business website. Compelling images and valuable content keep the customer engaged longer. Let's dig a little deeper into the Google algorithm and take a look at some other SEO factors.

SEO is not a quick fix. 
Results in search engine ranking take time. Keep in mind that your competition is trying to rank too.  If someone guarantees you a #1 ranking, run away, fast! The Google algorithm is evolving and ever changing. There are so many factors involved, and no one knows what ALL of them are. Some factors matter now, some mattered yesterday. Some may matter tomorrow and some may matter more than others. In addition, some of the factors that may matter to Bing, don't matter to Google and vice versa.

Domain Factors