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When was the Last Time You Googled Your Business?

Let's face it...Google is practically King when it comes to the internet.  If you're business doesn't show up in Google results, most likely you're not going to be found!  With Google periodically making algorithm changes and businesses struggling to keep on top of technology with new content, those search results are changing daily.  It's important to know where you stand and what people are seeing about you and your business!  For businesses that rely mainly on online search to generate new customers, keeping your business in tip-top shape in search results is imperative.  Check out these three tips from Direct Marketing News for auditing your business online to start improving how people view you on the web!

1. Do you own the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your business name? 
Knowing how frequently your business name shows up in search results and what those links say about your business is a good test of your overall web presence.  Since a large numbe…

Say Goodbye to Keyword Stuffing

There is currently a lot of hype and confusion surrounding keyword meta-tags.  Once widely used to help website ranking, these meta-tags can now actually hinder your site’s ability to rank well.  We wanted to take this opportunity to help alleviate some of the concern on this topic.

Why are Keyword Meta-Tags No Longer Used? 
Several years ago, Google only looked at a website's content to determine their ranking and paid zero attention to "off-page" factors, such as the number of links pointing to the webpage through a strong social media presence. Google relied heavily on keyword meta-tags to determine a site’s content and where it should rank it. Unfortunately, some website developers began to stuff often-irrelevant keywords into their website designs.  This meta-tags stuffing became so severely abused that Google decided to disregard them completely.

Are There Any Penalties For Using Keyword Meta-Tags? 
In some cases, yes!  In Google’s eyes, keyword meta-tags are now …