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Building an Effective Web Presence through Social Media

Google+ for your Business – The Basics
Google+ Business pages were rolled out 18 months ago and the impact was immediate and effective. Google+ has 500 million registered members and can now make the claim as the second largest social media network.  We recently came across a great article about the basics of setting up and using a Google+ business page and wanted to share some of the high points.  You can view the full article at
Setup Basics
Here are the steps to setup your Google+ Business page:
Create a personal Google account on (free).  Go to and click on the button at the top right that says “Create a Google+ Page”Select the appropriate category for your business under the 5 main categoriesAdd your basic information about your business (Name, Telephone, email, address, website, etc.)Customize your public profile.  Tell your story revolving around the top 10 words that describe yo…