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Building An Effective Web Presence - Step 7 - Improve Your Website's Link Popularity

Over the past six months we identified steps one through six in the process of building an effective web presence: 1) Define your ideal client; 2) Identify specific goals; 3) Create a call to action; 4) Give customers what they expect; 5) Be a better communicator; and 6) Get found.

The seventh step is:
Improve your website’s link popularity (this helps your organic search engine rankings).
First let’s define “link popularity.”
The definition of link popularity is the number of links pointing to your site as indexed by a given search engine. This is not necessarily a complete count of ALL links to your site, but instead how many links the search engine gives the site credit for when calculating SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement. These inbound links are also referred to as “citations.”

By most accounts, there are more than 200 factors used by Google in determining your ranking.Link popularity is just one factor and it is calculated by the number of citations (or inbound links) to y…