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Blogs versus Websites

I recently had a client ask me if they should have a blog instead of a website. In formulating my answer to that question, it occurred to me that other clients may be interested in the answer, as well ... hence my decision to add it to my blog.

Every small business should have a website. It's simply expected by your existing customers and potential customers. Every business should have a blog, as well ... perhaps there are a few exceptions. The blog and the website complement each other.

The anwer is ... BOTH!

Your website is your rock - it's the foundation of your presence online. It can be as simple as an online sales brochure or as complex as a full eCommerce storefront. Your customers will ask you for your website address, not your blog address. Your business should definitely have a website.

Your blog enhances your website. It is a tool (like a journal) that you contribute to on a regular basis - daily, weekly, whatever works best for you. When you contribute to your blog wit…