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Google Mobile-first Indexing Explained

The world according to Google has changed once again, and it can impact your website rankings in a positive or negative way.Google is now using an algorithm that will crawl the mobile version of your website first to rank it for search terms.They want to provide mobile users (think smart phone or tablet) the best results possible.Mobile users are now the majority of internet users, and this is Google’s way of helping them find what they are looking for.

1.So what does that mean for my website? In the past, Google has used an algorithm (think math formula) to crawl the internet to find the desktop versions of your website and make a ranking decision based upon hundreds of different ranking factors. Now it's going mobile first.  If you do not have a mobile version of your website or your website is not built with a “responsive design”, then your rankings could be negatively affected.To check if you have a responsive website, view it on a mobile phone.If you have to “pinch and squeeze”…