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7 Tips for Business Email Etiquette - Part 2

Email is a common way of communication, from corporate to personal. Last week we talked about the difference between "to" and "cc", why you want to keep emails short and sweet, and how to be aware of your tone. There are still several things you'll want to pay attention to when sending an email, though! 4. Use a Signature In Your Email We would be lacking in our duties as Search Engine Optimization experts if we didn't tell you to include a signature blog in your email! Go above and beyond, and instead of just putting "Thanks, Your Name," consider including your desk phone number, your cell phone number, your website, and links to your social media channels. Not only does this make it easier for someone to reach you, it can also help your marketing efforts. Everyone you send an email to now has easy access to your website, Facebook page, blog, and more. If you don't currently utilize these forms of search engine optimization, our social