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12 Common Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook offers a great way to promote your business, if you're doing it right. Are you doing things on social media that could jeopardize your business' credibility and professionalism? Like with any marketing, social media marketing needs strategy to be effective. Here are some common Facebook mistakes that businesses need to avoid:

1. Making Too Many "Salesy" Posts.  
People turn to Facebook as a place to be part of a community and a place to find relevant, helpful content, not a place to be sold to. If you have too many sale posts, people will burn out quickly and could even unfollow your page. While an occasional sales post (maybe something about a promotion you're currently running) is fine, you want to post more than just sales pitches. You want to be a resource for your fans so that when it is time for them to buy, they're going to come to you. You won't even have to work to make the sale, as they already know you as someone they can trust and dep…

3 Free Online Photo Editing Tools

You don't have to know how to use Photoshop to create great looking images for your social media campaign. Just do a Google search and you'll find tons of online photo editors, many of them very simple to use. Images are a vital aspect of internet marketing and branding them makes them even more effective. Take a look at some of our favorite online photo editing websites that are free to use!

1. Canva.
Easily create beautiful designs with Canva. Using the drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts, you can design consistently stunning graphics. The great thing about Canva is that you can choose from pre-sized templates for each social media platform. The struggle of your image being to small or the wrong shape for Facebook, Twitter, etc. is no longer there. You can easily overlay text and logos or add a custom background. Plus, Canva will save your logos and images for use at a later time. The possibilities are endless and if you use all of your own images, it's complet…