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Building an Effective Web Presence - Step #11 - Start a Blog

Step #11 – Start a Blog

Over  the past ten months we identified steps one through ten in the process of building an effective web presence:   1) Define your ideal client; 2) Identify specific goals; 3) Create a call to action; 4) Give customers what they expect; 5) Be a better communicator; 6) Get found; 7) Improve Your Link Popularity;  8) Setup and optimize your free Google Places listing;  9) Make it easy to share; and 10) Be analytical.
The eleventh step is: 
Start a blog and write … often.
If you’ve ever attended a Jeffrey Gitomer seminar, you know he talks about the path to wealth (and dominating your competition) is writing.  Gitomer says write daily and offer something of value to your customers.  Good advice. It should be no surprise that one of the keys to dominating your competition online is writing, as well.  A blog (short for “web-log”) is a great way to start.
When I present workshops about growing your web presence, as soon as I say “blog”, I often get deep groans from the…

How To Setup A Paypal Account

I just wanted to make a quick blog post to share the link where you go to setup a Paypal account for your business website.  Paypal makes the setup process pretty straight forward, but navigating to the link for Paypal Website Payments Standard can sometimes be challenging!

Use this link :

Paypal offers a nice tutorial video on this page to show you how to setup your account.  Once your account is created and attached bank account verified, you'll be ready to start accepting payments.  Your webmaster should be able to help you setup Paypal buttons on your website.

If you need assistance integrating Paypal with your website, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Building an Effective Web Presence - Step #10 – Be Analytical