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Stay Top of Mind in Social Media Marketing in 2020

A consistent message can keep your business name and information in front of potential customers. A highly effective way to do that is through social media. On average, people spend 142 minutes on social media each day (that's over 2 hours every day). Clearly people are on social media and if you want to reach people, it's an impactful way to do so. If you want to stay top of mind (and we're pretty sure every business owner does), trust your social media marketing for your small business to the professionals! Our MSW Interactive Designs team has provided some helpful tips for ways you can stay top of mind in the social media world. Check it out:

Consistency is Key
Making regular social media posts is key to staying top of mind. The more often your message is seen by a potential customer, the better. The future customer may not be in need of your product or service today, but they are more likely to recall a business they see on social media when the time for your product or…

The #Hashtag Takeover: Best Practices for Growing a Brand with Hashtags

Hashtags are becoming more and more common. A mere ten years ago, this symbol was known as a pound sign. Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri has 20 years of experience and we've seen the transformation of hashtags over the past years. Traditionally, hashtags were introduced on Twitter to help connect posts by indexing keywords for easy search results. This week, hashtags are taking over our blog as MSW Interactive Designs dives deeper into the benefits of using hashtags across your social media and best practices for using them.

The History of Hashtags: The first hashtag was used in 2007 and has since evolved and changed the way we communicate on social media. Hashtags began helping to connect ideas surrounding specific topics. People from all over the world can connect and share ideas and thoughts via a hashtag. World-wide movements have been sparked and gone viral, all connected by this powerful symbol.

Benefits of Using Hashtags:Extend your brand's reach.Build busi…

Keys to Help Businesses Get Found Online

There are over 200 factors that go into website rankings on Google. Among those many factors, some are more heavily weighted than others. As an experienced internet marketing company in mid-Missouri, we help our clients get found online through a number of effective strategies. Learn how MSW Interactive Designs can make it easier for your potential clients to find your business on the web!

Get Strategic About Social Social media is a huge marketing arena and it can be tough to navigate this space on your own. There are many different platforms with different demographics and it can be tough to know which platforms your business should be on. Think about your potential client and where they spend time -- make sure your on the platforms with those demographics. Being on the right platforms is not impactful if you're not making regular posts. Having these social signals surrounding your business has been proven to be beneficial for helping online searchers find businesses.

Have an SSL …

5 Commonly Overlooked Website Features That May Be Costing Money

As a web design agency, we counsel clients to ensure they include these important features, but it amazes us how many business websites out there simply don’t have them. Leaving these five things off your website can cost you money.

1. PROMINENT CALL TO ACTION When someone lands on your website, what action do you want them to take? Most websites don’t make it clear. When it’s not clear, most visitors don’t do anything.

2. LEAD CAPTURE MECHANISM / LIST BUILDER Most websites include a contact page that MAY have a form, but this is not an effective way to maximize the leads captured from your website. Your lead mechanism should be on your home page and should incentivize the site visitor to provide basic information in exchange for something of value. A recent study rated an email address at $10. This means the perceived value of what you are providing in exchange for the email address must be worth $10 or more to maximize your chances of capturing the lead.  Once you have the email, you …

The Impact Reviews Have On A Business

Reviews are important for a business but they may have more of an impact on your online presence than you realize. As an internet marketing company in mid-Missouri, we know the importance of online reviews and how they can impact businesses. If you've been wondering why reviews are so vital to your business, let MSW Interactive Designs help answer that very question!

Reviews are a factor in search result rankings. Online star ratings of a business is a factor in search engine rankings. This means that the more reviews and the better reviews you have, the better chance you have at ranking higher in online searches. There are hundreds of factors that go into online rankings but having the knowledge that reviews are a heavily weighted factor can help you influence your business's SEO!

Establish credibility for your brand. Consumers trust peer feedback over many other factors about a business. Your online reputation can help showcase your business as a trusted company for potential …

Reasons to NOT ‘Set It And Forget It’ with Your Website

You take financial and time resources to have a website designed for your business. Once your site goes live, you may not think about it again for a while. Your website is a direct reflection upon your business and there’s some behind the scenes things to think about, as well. Our experienced website design company in mid-Missouri is here to help showcase why leaving your website stagnant for a period of time isn’t always the best idea for your overall web presence!
Google Likes Fresh Content Google crawls websites looking for new and updated content. A website that has updates can help show that it is a more relevant search since it is fresh information, therefore it may tend to rank higher than a comparable website with no updates. Help your website appear to be a better search result when you make regular content updates.

Ensure Information Accurate No matter what line of business you’re in, things change over time. It may be a new product or service, it may be a change in staff, i…

3 Online Marketing MYTHS You Should Stop Believing

There are a ton of tips about online marketing floating around out there but along with those tips come some common misconceptions. As a website design and internet marketing company, we hear a lot of comments that aren't entirely true that many business owners believe about marketing on the web. We're here to help set the record straight by featuring a few common myths about online marketing.

Myth #1: A social media page is more important than a website. A social media account can be shut down, a platform could cease its existence at any time, or rapidly lose users and become obsolete. Does that mean you don’t need to spend your time or money on social media? Not at all! Social media is a highly effective marketing strategy and is proven to be instrumental over and over again for many businesses. We just know social media is not necessarily more important than a website. Your website is the center of your online marketing universe and it’s vital to have a place to drive your …

Absolute MUSTS For Your Website Before 2020 Hits - I'm Serious!

Last year, as we approached 2019, I sent our clients and subscribers a short checklist of action items to improve their website. 
Some of you ignored me. 😉

Okay, so maybe you just procrastinated.

Here's my list for 2020 ... and I'm dead serious this time. 😊 I put these in priority order to make it easy to address them in order of importance.

1. Make sure your website is responsive.
It's been a "thing" for a few years now. If you don't have a responsive website (one that scales to mobile devices), your credibility is instantly reduced in the eyes of your website visitors. Google is now "mobile first." If Google is mobile first, your website must be too. If it's not, you won't be able to compete much longer (even if you are now) for good rankings. 

Action item:
Shoot me an email or fill out the short form on our website -- we'll get a quote over to you for the conversion or redesign, get it in our queue, and get you up to speed before the new y…

Ignore Google's Changes at Your Own Peril

In every story there is a hero and a villain. In the story of your business, the customer is (or should be) the hero. Anonymity is the villain.
MSW Interactive Designs is celebrating our 20th business anniversary this year. We've helped businesses get found online since 1999 ... PRE-Google, (as we know it today). I tell you this so you know the longstanding love/hate relationship we have with the search giant and why you should protect your business from dependence on it.
I am an SEO expert. I execute for clients and I study it every. single. day. I have for more than 20 years. I'm here to tell you, if you are solely dependent on ranking on page one, you are putting your business at risk.
Today, LESS THAN HALF of Google searches now result in a click.
Worse, 94% of ALL SEARCHES now happen on a Google product (think Google, Google images, Google Maps, and YouTube). If you include mobile, it's more like 97%.
When Google first hit the search scene and rose to popularity, they made…

What It’s Like to be an Intern at MSW Interactive Designs

My name is Taylor Dye and I’m an intern at MSW Interactive Designs. I am a rising Junior at Texas Christian University studying Strategic Communications with an emphasis in integrated Public Relations and Advertising. While receiving a classroom education is a wonderful opportunity, I see that as only half of what I need to do to prepare myself for the real world. What’s the other half you ask? Receiving hands-on experiences in the career field that I’m interested in. This will not only look great on my resume, but also allow me to gain important skills that are necessary to becoming successful. I was looking for a place to gain experience during my summer at the Lake of the Ozarks when I applied to work at MSW Interactive Designs.

Getting Started  When planning out my summer, I knew that I was going to live at the Lake of the Ozarks because I have family here, but I was a little worried about where I was going to work. I wanted to work somewhere related to my major and interests, but…