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Your 2019 Website Hot List

Your 2019 Website Hot List(Don't worry, it's not too long!)

As you work on setting goals and resolutions for your business in 2019, we thought we'd give you a few very important things to consider for the hot list when it comes to your website. This past year brought some interesting changes to the website landscape and it is critical that you are not only aware of them, but that you take action to ensure your website is up to par with them.
1. SSL Is The New Web Standard In the past, the only websites that were required to have an SSL  (secure socket layer) certificate installed were eCommerce sites, those collecting online payments. SSL is a payment gateway standard and requirement.

In the summer of 2018, Google's Chrome browser started displaying a  NOT SECURE message for EVERY website lacking a SSL certificate. This is a misleading message if your website isn't collecting sensitive information, but it must be paid attention to by website owners because it can …