How Does SMS Marketing Work for My Business?

Friday, March 09, 2018

Choosing a marketing platform for your business can seem overwhelming. Each business will have different goals in marketing, but a common one is to reach your customers. Did you know that there is an untapped platform out there that you can use? SMS Marketing utilizes quick messages to create a powerful marketing tool. Here are a few things you should know about SMS marketing and how you can harness this tool for your business.

It Creates a Direct Connection

Think about it, you will be in your customer’s pocket or purse with an immediate connection to them. Email and social media have huge advantages in reaching your clients. But there’s something that sets text messaging apart. Text messages have a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery. Getting results like that can make a huge impact on your business. Do you have frequent sales and quick features (like menu discounts, happy hour, etc)? This platform may be for you.

It Works Well With Other Channels

An efficient marketing campaign is one where all of your channels can work together. From your website to your e-newsletter, and your social media to your SMS text messages. The benefit to SMS text messaging is that is works really well with your other platforms. Yet, it also works great as a standalone marketing practice.

Do you send out e-newsletters about exciting weekend specials or family friendly events? Use SMS text messaging to work WITH your email! Studies have shown that a simple follow up SMS message saying “have you read our email?” can help increase email open rates by 20%-30%!

Here are a few other ways you can utilize SMS Text Messaging for your brand:

  • QR Code Generator
  • Loyalty Program Generator
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Text to Win Campaigns
  • Mobile Coupon Generator
  • Conduct a Poll Generator
  • Questionnaires
  • Kiosk Builder
  • Scavenger Hunt Builder
  • Web Form Builder
  • Integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • Send Automated Birthday Wishes
  • 3rd Party Email Integrations
  • For relevant industries, take advantage of the Appointment Manager (reminder customers of appts), the Property Listing Tool (great for realtors), and the Vehicle Listing Tool (great for car dealerships)!

Did You Know?

Text Messaging isn’t only for communicating with friends and family. Many people are using it for business as well. What if we told you that 70% of people want to communicate with businesses through text messaging? Another thing to consider is that commercial texting is an opt-in service. This means that your messages are going to people who want to receive them. What if they change their mind? Text messaging is just as easy to opt out of. Send your messages to only those who want them.

SMS Marketing Can Be Affordable & Easy

SMS text marketing is an easy marketing tactic to use and can be quite affordable. Aside from that, studies show that SMS marketing campaigns can provide a 45% return on income. At MSW Interactive Designs, we can help you reach clients quickly through this untapped marketing practice. We can set you up on a text messaging schedule that works for you and for your clients. If you’re interested in learning more, contact one of our rockstar team members to get started!

~ Laurel Leurquin, Creative Services Manager
Phone: 877-211-5492

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