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Getting Results From Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business, but how do you know if it's doing your business any good? How do you know if the time, money, and energy you are putting into it is paying off? Our experienced social media team is happy to bring you information on Facebook ROI and why it's beneficial to know how to measure it.

Facebook AdsUsing Facebook Ads can be one of the best ways to market online. They allow you to target a specific demographic with an investment that fits your budget. You choose the amount of money you put into them. MSW Interactive Designs can assist you with knowing how much to put on different ads. 
What's Facebook ROI?
Facebook ROI (or Return on Investment) is what your business gets back from the time, money and resources you have put into your Facebook marketing. This can mean different things for different companies based on the goals that have been set for your social media marketing.

Facebook InsightsYour business Facebook Insigh…

5 Tips for Handling Disgruntled Facebook Fans

If you're a busy business owner with a successful business, it's important to understand how to properly deal with public relations issues. Today, everyone is able to have a public voice through social media. Our experienced social media team is happy to offer 5 tips that will help you when dealing with unhappy customers that are posting negative comments on your business Facebook page. There are two types of consumer complaints on Facebook.
Loyal Consumers - These are Facebook fans who are complaining on your Facebook page because they actually want their problem solved. Attention Seekers - These are Facebook fans who simply want to be heard. They will make negative comments with the goal of making their thoughts known. They don't care how there problem is handled, they just want attention.

1. Respond publicly.It is vital that you respond to negative messages publicly. Failure to do this can make it seem like you're ignoring your customers. People view Facebook as a fo…

How to Effectively Promote Your Business With E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are a GREAT tool to use when promoting your business. They allow you to keep in touch with current customers, potential new prospects, and can supply a steady flow of new leads. You just have to know to effectively use your e-newsletters to promote your business. In this blog, our experienced marketing team will give you 5 tips on how to do just that.

1. Determine what kind of online newsletter you want to send. Too many newsletters out there are too scattered and all over the place. Pick one topic and stick to it. Don't get caught up in discussing every aspect of your business in one newsletter. 1. Doing this to an e-newsletter makes it hard to read. 2. You have a better chance at targeting a specific market if you stick to a specific topic.

2. Create unique content. Your business is unique, so your newsletters should be too. Create content that is compelling and educating, to where your consumers can't help but read it. Providing unique content is a MUST and wi…