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Knoxville Wedding Planner Directory Updated

We just updated our Knoxville wedding planner directory on in preparation for an upcoming presentation. Key improvements include an interactive web poll, 10 questions to ask your prospective Knoxville wedding coordinator, a "Things We Love" call out for product feature on, and links to all the wedding sites within the Where Brides Go (TM) Network.

This directory will be used to showcase free web tools and changes a small business can make to their websites to improve their overall long-term search engine rankings.

For more information about the presention, "Put the web to work for your business", contact Sandy at MSW Interactive Designs LLC.

Attention Knoxville Wedding Professionals : A GREAT Place to Promote Your Website

Knoxville wedding professionals have a fantastic place to promote their businesses in It's inexpensive and there are no long-term contracts. They rank #1 in most major search engines and Knoxville brides WILL find you when you are listed on this site. is a completely local wedding planning portal, ranking #1 or on page one of all the major search engines for "knoxville weddings" and "wedding knoxville". Why is this important to you? Because brides looking on the internet for Knoxville wedding resources and vendors find first!

If you are a Knoxville wedding professional and listed on, brides WILL find you.

BRIDES ARE USING THE INTERNET MORE THAN EVER to comparison shop & plan their weddings. It's important that they can find you.
Take a look at these AMAZING benefits!

We Target ONLY Knoxville Area Brides and Grooms : Unlike national wedding sites, we market to and reach t…

An Affair to Remember

MSW Interactive Designs LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a new client website. South Florida event diva, Alica Villar, contracted us to give her old site a new and fresh look that is more in line with the high-end wedding and events she designs.

Check out her gorgeous new website at:

If you need a Florida wedding planner or a fabulous Florida event coordinator, contact Alice!

Increase Your Conversions

Increase your conversions!When a visitor arrives at your home page, what does he do? If you don't know the answer, chances are you have a very low conversion rate. Did you know that Internet usability studies indicate a single visitor clicks an average of 2 times on a website and spends less than one minute? This means you don't have much time.Ask yourself ... what do you REALLY want someone to do when they get to your website? Do you want them to look at a portfolio? Fill out a request form? Go to your FAQs? Buy something? Request a quote?Right up front, plain and simple, guide your site visitor to that objective. One way to accomplish this is simply to ask them to do it. Amazingly, most websites never even ask - they just leave it to chance. Increasing your conversation rate can be as simple as that. Make it clear what your visitor should do next and they are far more likely to do it.Tip by: Sandy WaggettMSW Interactive Designs LLCWe put the web to work for you!http://www.…

Knoxville Custom Window Treatments

We just launched a great new micro-site for a Knoxville custom window treatment company called Fabric Decor. Fabric Décor is a custom window treatment business that has been prospering in Knoxville for about 10 years. They have an onsite drapery workroom, and an large fabric library. Fabric Decor strives to be a resource for window treatments and custom bedding for homeowners and the design trade alike.
They started with a simple one page website and plan to grow their new site over time to feature galleries of their work, samples from their suppliers, and information about their custom fabric decor and design services.
It just goes to show that you don't have to start with huge budget to get a professional and custom design for your small business website. If would like to get your small business started on the web, contact me today! We can get you up and running for less than $250!
Check out their new site!

Blogs versus Websites

I recently had a client ask me if they should have a blog instead of a website. In formulating my answer to that question, it occurred to me that other clients may be interested in the answer, as well ... hence my decision to add it to my blog.

Every small business should have a website. It's simply expected by your existing customers and potential customers. Every business should have a blog, as well ... perhaps there are a few exceptions. The blog and the website complement each other.

The anwer is ... BOTH!

Your website is your rock - it's the foundation of your presence online. It can be as simple as an online sales brochure or as complex as a full eCommerce storefront. Your customers will ask you for your website address, not your blog address. Your business should definitely have a website.

Your blog enhances your website. It is a tool (like a journal) that you contribute to on a regular basis - daily, weekly, whatever works best for you. When you contribute to your blog wit…